0. Prologue

“Selshi, buffs! Rosari, watch your health! Everyone else, find an opening!” A man wielding a long bow yelled. As soon as he finished giving out orders he shot an arrow towards a round beast with long and thick fur. The arrow managed to hit the beast directly in its eye, eliciting a cry of pain from it.

“Nice shot Elvin, but take a look at this!” Another man wielding a greatsword swung it in a big arc in front of him, hitting three of the beasts and sent them tumbling backwards. “Hahah, I’m on fire today!”

“No getting careless now,” A woman with a large tower shield came in and tackled a beast which had leapt at the man with the greatsword, “We’ve already lost one member, remember?”

“Eh, she was just a tag along anyway. Besides, she ain’t dead yet! The party screen says she’s still kickin’.”

“That doesn’t mean you can just-”

“Save it you two, we have to get out of this monster room first! Come on guys, we can’t keep this up any longer. Anyone find a way out?” Elvin asked.

“Over here! Everyone, on the count of three start running!” A man holding a small ball threw it into the crowd of beasts, resulting in an explosion of smoke which caused the beasts to recoil back. The moment the ball exploded seven figures dashed through the smoke and ran into a small passage one by one. Once the last person went through a woman wielding a staff waved it in the air and began chanting, then slammed the staff on the ground and created a wall of earth to seal the passage.

“Huff… huff… that was close.”

“Hah, you’re tellin’ me! Who knew those monsters would be so crazy?”

“…This is definitely a high-level dungeon. We should’ve brought a proper eighth member.”

“It’s too late for regrets now… Oh hey, I leveled up!”

“Gratz’ man.” “Congratulations.” “Noice.”

“Woah, I leveled up too! Guess those monsters are worth a lot of exp huh?”

“Gratz’.” “Congratulations.” “Real noice.”

“Wait… I’m still gaining exp. How is… that girl!”

“Hold up, are you saying that she’s solo-ing those things somewhere else? That’s ridiculous!”

“It’s the only explanation…” Elvin chewed on his lip for a moment before making a decision. “Okay, let’s backtrack a little and go find her.”

The group went under heated discussion for a moment, but eventually agreed they should at least endeavor to meet up with the girl they had ‘lost’ earlier. Finding her was a fairly simple task as their map showed two distinct paths, the one they traveled and the one the other girl was blazing a trail through. It didn’t take very long until they came across a familiar entrance to a room.

“This door is just like that one monster house we entered earlier… and the map shows she’s in battle here.”

“Honestly I can’t believe it but… there’s only one way to find out.” The swordsman threw the doors open and the entire group was completely awed at the sight before them.

What they saw was a small girl with bright red hair elegantly weaving her way through the hordes of monsters. There were at least twenty of them in the room with her but she moved around without a sweat. In fact, they could even make out a smile on her face. A light flowed out from her fingertips forming strange symbols which floated up into the air, all of which formed a large glowing circle. At this point the girl stood perfectly still in the center of the beasts, and all of them aggressively pounced at her.

“Hey, look ou-!” A few of the party members tried to warn her but the girls figure was soon buried underneath the mass of beasts.

“Hm? Look out for what?” Each of the party members jumped back in shock once they noticed the girl was standing right beside them.

“Wha-, you-, how-”

“More importantly, why don’t you watch the show?.” The girl smirked and extended a finger while whispering, “Form pattern alpha, runes set, connect, activate.”

Then, the cave was filled with a pillar flame which completely eradicated the beasts underneath it. The other members of the party watched with their jaws hanging open, when their attention was brought back to the girl who spoke up.

“Man this place is great for level grinding. So… what’s up?”

5 thoughts on “0. Prologue

  1. I’ll be stockpiling before truly reading this. But I wanted to ask in advance, are posting this story only here, or are you going to be parallel posting it on RR and possibly Scribblehub?


  2. I see you kept the tunic mage class, I completely forgot what you named it. All I remeber is it was witch related with a snazzy staff. Welcome back, I hope you have better luck this time 🙂


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