5 thoughts on “[MM] Chapter 10

  1. *sigh* well, I really wanted to like this story. Thing is though, it’s kinda hard to like something that isn’t there.


  2. Heh, at this point the only reason I still even bother to check is to laugh at the lack of updates. Pfft at this point I’m probably not going to check anymore. Even if a new chapter was posted tomorrow, this is technically a rewrite and Mr. Author has barely made any progress into what he originally wrote. There really isn’t any point coming back to someone who can’t keep promises. Even a simple statement of dropping this story would have been less disappointing then just disappearing and leaving fans hanging. As far as I’m am concerned this story is just so much dust on the wind. Here today. Gone tomorrow. No thought as to where it will be when it next settles down.


    1. Dude there’s literally no reason to be an asshole, go shelter in your cave and keep masturbating your ego, since that’s what you like to do apparently

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      1. There’s a LOT of unfulfilled promises with this story. There’s no ego masturbation going on here, just a frustrated ex-fan coming to the realization he has once again been served another heaping bowl of bitter disappointment. This is merely a letter of complaint to the restaurant for when they finally blow the dust off their kitchen. Maybe next time they’ll try harder to not disappoint. Maybe it’ll never make another dish again. Either way, I won’t be here to find out.


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