[MM] Chapter 11

Sorry about the wait. Here’s the chapter.

So uh, I did a bit of soul searching and it turns out I sold it to the demon of sloth a long time ago. Heheh… heh.

Jokes aside I am sorry for leaving for such a long time. I’m the sort of person who needs to be hyper focused on something or else I start to lose interest/motivation, and that happened with this story. Why is that you might ask? I uh… started a bunch of new things at once.

Well, mostly video game stuff, but the biggest one was getting into D&D. A lot of my creative energy went into characters and world, as I’m both a player in some groups and a DM for another. It’s super fun, but if anyone has been a DM you know that there’s a whole lot of stuff to do for your players.

Regardless, I’ve been slowly building up the drive to work on the story again so here I am. I can’t promise a consistent schedule, but if you think of this story as a casual one that updates every so often when you check on it then maybe it’ll be fine… maybe.

Once again, sorry for the absence. I’ll try to be more on point with speed (or at least quality. I’m definitely editing some earlier chapters).

2 thoughts on “[MM] Chapter 11

  1. Thanks for the update. So no chapter 11 then? :/ Would be awesome to see some updates, as I am a great fan of True World Online and this rework also. Looking forward for more and don’t let your players die too often xD


    1. This reminds me that I really need to change the color scheme of the site. The word “chapter” contains the link to the chapter, but I might just change it to a full link to be clear. Also new update soon.


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