[MM] Chapter 13 + Updates

Alright my patient readers, it’s been a bit more than a month but I finally got around to doing a chapter. Not only that, but I’ve gone back and finally edited the previous chapters to a point where I’m satisfied. With that done, I feel 100% ready to continue with the story instead of dithering about, so potentially more releases?

In addition I’ve also revamped the site. Now it’s not confusing anymore (or shouldn’t be) and there are proper links with each chapter, and a proper ToC! Oh boy!

Regardless, thank you for being patient. I hope you continue to enjoy reading this story as I enjoy writing it.

Click here for Chapter 13

Click here for Table of Contents

Click here to start from the beginning

(P.S: I’ll be deleting old pages to keep things nice and organized. I know there are comments on them, but maybe that’s incentive for new comments?)

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